Monday, August 12, 2013

Flying Scale Models 09/2013

The name of Percival disappeared from British aircraft manufacturing more than 50 years since, yet in its pre-WW2 heyday, the name was at the forefront of British aviation achievement, producing a line of aircraft types that set new records in aviation, flown by some of the greatest pioneer pilots of the time. This month's FSM marks some of the success of Mr. Edgar Percival with coverage of two of the aircraft types his Company produced, in numbers, before it was swallowed up in the general post-WW2 move that 'consolidated' and combined some of those most famous earlier aircraft constructors into larger organisations, capable of meeting the challenges of competing in an industry by then faced with meeting the demands of the expansion of general aviation, fuelled by the advances in development that resulted from the 1939-45 years. Thus, we are presenting the late Mr. Roy Yates' Percival Proctor Mk.IV, with plans for the model in Roy's original 1:7 scale, plus 1:5.5. Roy was on of those thoughtful pioneers of R/C scale, campaigning his Proctor successfully at International competition level.

RC Model Flyer 09/2013

Wow! Some of you actually chose to come back and read part 2! Well, thank you for that and I hope part 1 was not too much hard work! I must apologise now though, as part 2 is going to consist of more words than photos, I am afraid. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but the first area of getting into jets that I am going to cover here is a big one - it's the powerplant itself. The jet, the turbine, the engine, the motor, the gas turbine... - whatever you choose to call it, the turbine is probably the single most important component involved in operating any jet-powered model. I like to think I have a fairly good idea of which turbines are available on the commercial model market right now. With that in mind, and by doing a quick mental tally in my head, I can come up with over 20 turbine manufacturers that I know of who are trading today. I am sure there are more, but likely not too many. Out of those 20,1 have owned and operated a number of different turbines from at least 13 of them.

Military Machines International 09/2013

Training Centurion tank drivers at the Royal Australian Armoured Corps' Armoured Centre at Puckapunyal, Victoria, was carried out using a standard gun tank for the majority of the type's service career, but the maximum number of trainees that could be comfortably and safely carried was only three. These occupied the normal crew positions, with the instructor as the crew commander. The use of a fully equipped gun tank just for driver training was not ideal, but as there was no dedicated variant, it was the only option available. By 1973, a replacement for the Centurion was under consideration, and a new fleet of modern armoured vehicles was within the foreseeable future. There was also a surplus of Centurions tanks for peace-time requirements. Indeed, there was no urgency to undertake the base overhaul of all the tanks that had been returned from South Vietnam in September 1971, with several of those still held in storage in the same state as they had arrived back in Australia.

Airfx Model World 09/2013

Marvel Comics' writer-editor Stan Lee created The Invincible Iron Man, in the 1960s, with his look designed by artists Jack Kirby and Don Heck and scripts by Larry Lieber. In the stories, Iron Man was the creation of Anthony Edward 'Tony' Stark; an American billionaire, playboy, genius engineer and defence manufacturer as head of Stark Industries. Originally, less well-known than other Marvel creations, the Iron Man story came to prominence since 2008, with the live action film and its two sequels where actor Robert Downey Jr portrays Stark in bravura fashion. In 2012, the film Avengers Assemble pitted the Iron Man character alongside others from the Marvel 'stable', such as Captain America, The Hulk and Thor. Dragon has released several kits of nearly every character from Avengers Assemble, including two different versions of Iron Man, the most recent release of the Mark VII armour from this film (and also seen in Iron Man 3) is covered in this feature.