Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Verlinden Modeling Magazine Vol.7 No.3

The main engine for the early Sherman models M4 and M4A1 was the Wright Continental R 975. which was a nine-cylinder radial four-stroke, air-cooled petrol engine of the aircraft variety. Tamiya's latest Early M4 Sherman made a perfect base for VP to develop a full engine and compartment. The Wright R 975 engine is separately available as 1095; with the full engine compartment the stock number is 1120. The engine builds into a very nice, highly detailed replica of the real thing, it can be displayed on a stand next to the tank or can be used in workshop dioramas. The compartment contains the front firewall and sidewalls. engine shroud, exhaust, and air pipes as well as the fire extinguisher nozzles. All resin parts should be carefully removed from their casting carriers and cleaned up with sandpaper and Scotch-Brite. Parts are then test fitted into the Tamiya lower hull. Just a bit of superglue must be used on test fitting to enable the builder to disassemble parts for easy painting afterwards. Next the Tamiya kit was built according to the instructions. Lower and upper hull should be kept separate to allow engine compartment installation after painting. Extra detail parts include light guards (VP 0204). antenna mount (VP 0187). and .50 calibre machine gun (VP 0372).