Friday, March 22, 2013

Military In Scale 08/2010

Here we were again at the model show at the RAF Museum at Cosford - don't the years pass so quickly? This year the show was bathed in sunshine with a chilly wind - just the right conditions for attracting a good crowd and moving between hangars. I've decided that this is my favourite show of the year, being large with just about every trader who does the regular circuit. There are also dozens of clubs in attendance, showing a wide range of models and of course there are the exhibits at the museum. The museum is one of the best in this country with a vast variety of aircraft types on show. Just for the day, the resident exhibits take a back seat to the clubs and traders. Although the show is probably too big to look at thoroughly in one day, there is not the same pressure at Telford in November.

RC Model Flyer 03/2011

In this issue (p36), Mike Parry expounds on the Rascal experience and how he has thoroughly enjoyed the Rascal Stunt, Racing and Speed event held last year at the BMFA Nats (despite the wind!) and gives some advice on updating the design to cope with the requirements of the three disciplines (SRS). Omitted from that article, however, are the rules of the Rascal SRS competition, so to address that omission, we have included them here. There's still plenty of time to get a plan from Brian Lever and build a couple of models in time for May (and even practice a bit!), so why not join in the fun? Did you used to fly control line as a lad, but not done it for a while? What better way to try it again, with a whole host of like-minded fun fliers!

Flying Scale Models 08/2011

Some say that the longevity and popularity of any event lies in its ability to adapt to a dynamic environment, expand to accommodate change and welcome participation from new sources. Event originator and promoter, Frank Tiano, seems to have accomplished these objectives with his event as it approaches the quarter century mark. It is unique, and enjoys a worldwide reputation for bringing the best scale radio control modellers together for an intense competition with the victor being crowned Mr. Top Gun. Over the years, I've watched some pretty impressive things happen at the event. Models have grown dramatically in size, complexity, sophistication and quality. The trickle-down effect has obviously impacted the everyday, sport scale modeller because the interest in scale is evident right down to the local field level. Obviously, suppliers of products recognise it too; just look at the types of models being offered to the consumer these days! Hard to believe, but some of the ARFs available today rival the models being flown at Top Gun during the early years!