Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller International 2004 09

This is a very welcome kit in my opinion, as I know of only one other in l/72nd. previous to this by an American company (Aviation Usk - Ed), Special Hobby has done a commendable job on the tooling of this kit with finely recessed panel lines and surface detail. All the main plastic parts are in the familiar dark grey with resin components making up the smaller finely detailed areas for the cockpit and undercarriage bays, for example. The nice clear canopy is vac-formed and two are supplied as a safety measure. This appears to be quite common in all kits from the Czech Republic. These take on the regular format of a nine-page pamphlet style with parts breakdown, a seven-stage assembly sequence and three pages of colour scheme diagrams showing clearly the options possible. Humbrol paint numbers are quoted and each stage flags up the colours called for. All the diagrams are very clear and straightforward to follow thus ensuring a correctly assembled model at the end. One thing I noted was the absence of the wingtip mounted pitot tube. It is shown on the plan views within the colour scheme drawings and the there is a hole for it to be mounted in the actual parts, but no part for the pitot tube!