Friday, December 18, 2009

Military Modelcraft International 05 2007

MMI has carried news reviews from this Company in the past but here again is a brief piece on one of their newest resin conversion kits. Now IMA has gone into the business of full kits and their first tracked vehicle is a kit is of the A30 Avenger 17pdr SPG that entered limited service with the British Army just after the Second World War and was to later see service with the Danish Army. The first thing to note is the cleanliness of parts, which for a Resin is quite amazing. The overall casting is supremely well done with moulding blocks being to an absolute minimum. This is especially apparent on the road wheels that require very little in the way of cleaning- a real bonus when there are 24 to do! The rest of the kit is very much akin to having a plastic kit, only in resin with 12 Bags of parts in grey resin, single piece lower hull with individual track guards, 2 part upper hull with all hatches being separate, 3 piece open topped turret, 2 lengths of plastic tube, 2 lengths of brass rod, turned aluminium gun barrel with brass muzzle brake, etched grills and a bag of supremely cast individual track links with no casting blocks! No decals are supplied but I have not been able find anything other than photographs taken at the factory and for this vehicle Archer Fine Transfers can be used for the Census Number.