Sunday, December 13, 2009

Verlinden Modeling Magazine Vol.6 No.1

Even after Desert Storm, Vietnam dioramas are still very popular among military modellers because of the very extensive collection of models, figures and accessories available to choose from. This scene makes full use of various items on the modelling market. It shows the classic M113 APC (Tamiya ACAV) towing an armoured trailer (VP). both stowed with ammunition and equipment. It is searching its way through a jungle trail, passing a partially overgrown Temple Ruin. The M113 is the "Old Reliable" Tamiya kit in the ACAV version built straight from the box except for the flotation cells on the front (VP) and the mesh wire over the engine air intakes. The side mud guards are omitted, since photographic research indicates not many M113's having those during the Vietnam War. The armored ammo trailer is a recent VP resin kit which is still used today in the US Army for many purposes. The M113 and trailer were both airbrushed with Humbrol No.116 Dark Green, followed by subtle overspay of No. 105 to obtain the first color shading. After drying, both colors are sealed with flat household varnish. After sufficient drying time, (48 hours), weathering was started with a thin wash of Humbrol Flat Black and Burnt Sienna oil paint.