Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scale Model Addict Issue 02

The basis for this conversion is the combination of the Tamiya newly tooled Matilda MK III/IV, kit number 35300, and Tiger Models kit AR-0199 MK I ("BEF") Matilda backdate set. This is a straightforward conversion with most of the work being just swapping Tamiya parts out for a Tiger Models replacement. The conversion does include a jig to raise the suspension, making the lower hull much easier to convert. My only advice would be to measure twice and cut once when you take this critical step. The jig is cast from resin and can deform! I also had problems with the glacis plate and armoured lockers. As you can see on the photographs the Tiger Models parts have a pronounced "bow" (Pic 1,2). My only other complaint about the Tiger Models kit is that the instructions are only partially step by step, and you have to constantly go back and forth between the Tamiya instructions and the photos of the built up final conversion that is included on a CD ROM with the Tiger Models kit.

Scale Model Addict Issue 01

The Italian CV3/35 Lanciafiamme Tankette was the first Bronco kit I have had the pleasure of building. Since then, I've built a couple more and can say that in what seems like a fairly short time, Bronco has not only come from 'no-where' but quickly moved to the front of the pack as far as quality, super detailed kits for the builder who enjoys that type of modeling. There is even some rumbling on the forums about 'over engineering', and that perhaps Bronco is putting this stunning level of detail into a kit 'simply because they can'. Whether or not this is true aside, their kits are currently on the top in my opinion when it comes to detail and accuracy. If that is the type of model kit you seek, then this is the manufacturer you should look into. To make things even 'better'. Bronco have worked tirelessly at producing kits that have been on modelers want list for a very long time.