Saturday, March 6, 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller International 2003 05

The box comes fronted by a painting of the Cornell that I think is worthy of putting in a frame. Inside, a plastic bag contains a small sprue of light grey injection moulded parts. These are the main parts of the model and also include bits to build the earlier, open cockpit M.62. Panel lines and other details are well represented, but there is lots of flash and attachment points which intrude into parts. Careful separation and preparation will be called for. There is quite a comprehensive etched sheet, by MPM, containing mostly interior detail for both the student's and instructor's cockpits. There are excellent lap straps and shoulder harness together with rudder bars and pedals, trim wheels and throttle controls. There is a small mirror for the forward cockpit and an elaborate platform device, which I imagine is to mount a mirror or periscope for the rear cockpit. Exterior features on the etched sheet include a propeller retention ring, radiator exhaust cowl and three small ground-handling handles. Quite a few of these components require forming or folding up from two dimensions into three.