Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Aeroplane Monthly 01/2013

"Wings Ltd started operating from Winnipeg in July, 1934. Up to September, 1935, they had carried 8,600 passengers and just under 2,000,000lb of goods, divided between 'freight and express'. Freighting has been the chief feature of air transport in Canada in the past three or four years, when developments in the mining of gold have brought some brightness in the clouded economic skies. For comparison, the amount of goods carried by United States air lines in 1934 was 3,449,675lb, about 11,000,000lb less than in Canada. Freighting in Canada has gone over straight from the dog team to the aeroplane, and the loads are very mixed. Everything from dynamite to darning needles, canned milk to cyanide, diamond drills to diesel motors, cows to comforters goes by air these days into the mining settlements.