Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Verlinden Modeling Magazine Vol.4 No.3

The Tamiya Stuart is now an old kit. But in the Tamiya tradition of quality, it is still a better kit than some of their competitors' new releases. It's amazing that some people never realize that quality isn't just a nice thing, it's the only thing! The VP team thought it deserved some new versions and released 2 conversion sets for that purpose. VP set No.723 contains the M3 Hex turret, early drivers vision ports, jettisonable fuel tanks and new air cleaners. The second kit, No. 725, converts the Tamiya model into a British M3 "Honey" during the North Africa campaign. It contains the same parts as 723 except the fuel tanks but. in addition. British style stowage boxes, water cans and a photo-etched sheet of track guards, water can rack and other small details. This last conversion is the subject of this simple but effective diorama, depicting the "Honey" stranded in the desert perhaps out of fuel or by mechanical failure and being inspected by an Afrika Korps recce group. An Italeri Kubelwagen, VP Afrika Korps figures, 37mm ammo, rucksacks, bedrolls, tentpacks, various small pieces of equipment, barbed wire and a small simple base are the components of this scene. This diorama is a perfect example of the tremendous potential of a good older kit given a new lease on life when combined with new conversion kits, figures and accessories.