Monday, March 8, 2010

Armour Modelling No.102

This Fi 156 Storch is the same machine which appears on page 31 of "Storch in Action", and on page 193 of "Recon for Rommel". It is mentioned in the latter book that Git. von Rintelen, Military Attaché in Rome, used this machine. The plane was most likely of General Rommel as seen here, followed by his la(operational general staff officer) Obstlt.i.G. Westphal in January/February 1942. And, it is very interesting to note that this Storch has the insignia of "African Continent" on the both sides of the nose (see both books mentioned above) in Schwarzgrun/Dunkelgrun painted off by Italian sand yellow or German Sandgelb. The painter(s) should be witty. PK men with a movie camera follow a Fi 156 Storch starting to take off during the operation "Barbarossa" during the Summer 1941 on the northern sector of the Soviet Union. The Storch coded "CF+MF" in black belonged to Befehlshaber(commander) of 4.Panzer-Gruppe, Generaloberst Hoepner who is in the cockpit. The insignia of white "Pegasus" on the nose represents the career of the General as Cavalry, and it is his flying machine. The camouflage paint is likely only RLM70 Schwarzgrun on upper and side surfaces, and RLM 65 Hellblau on under surface. The movie film from this scene appears in Wochenschau dated 6. August 1941.