Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller International 2001 08

Kits of aircraft of the Royal Air Force of the Fifties era are few and far between. But thanks to the few cottage industries these gaps are being filled. Magna is one of these companies that produce such esoteric types of the RAF and has added the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer to its range. This one may well appeal to modellers and for me it is most welcome. The kit is entirely in resin and white-metal with a vac-formed cockpit canopy. The quality of the resin parts is variable with a few air bubbles noticeable in odd places. The wings are solid one-piece castings for left and right. On this review sample, the left wing had a bit of a warp that needed a considerable amount of bathing in very hot water to straighten it out! The fuselage halves are also quite chunky pieces resulting one half being close to replicating a euro cucumber ! That is, it is straight to a point at the rear end and then curling away. The tail surfaces faired better needing only the removal of the casting blocks and basic cleaning up. The remaining resin components are the sponsors, cockpit floor and seats. These are not bad as the seats have the straps moulded on. Among the metal parts are the instrument panel, controls, wing struts, wheels and props etc.