Saturday, December 26, 2009


The ultimatum remains unanswered. At 11 o'clock, Britain enters the war. At 5 o'clock France joins them. Ribbentrop and Hitler are astonished. Goering said "if we lose that war, god bless us". Geobbels looks devastated. So, Occident reacted. This time, Hitler has played the game, and lost. Germany, geographically isolated, its army fighting in Poland, has nothing or nearly nothing with which to face the French army, who is supposed to be the best in the world, and the British navy, who is unrivalled on seas. 18.50, Saturday 22nd 1940. The French army is defeated, annihilated. At Rethondes, General Huntziger signed the armistice in the same carriage that was used to sign the end of the First World War, supposed to be the "last of the last". The cease fire began on the 25th at 00.35h. Since the 10th May, the start of the German offensive, 10 millions of people were thrown onto the roads, France lost the Alsace and Lorraine, a large part of its territory is occupied, its army is under captivity. All this in just under 6 weeks. How was this possible? What happened?