Monday, December 14, 2009

Verlinden Modeling Magazine Vol.7 No.1

As the Allied forces moved inland following the invasion of Normandy, U.S. and British armor faced a new obstacle provided by nature. Most fields and roads were edged with trees and hedgerows grown on earthen walls, which were extremely difficult to overcome and continually slowed the fast moving armor columns. The countryside seemed to be custom made for the German army: the hedgerows proved to be natural tank obstacles, and were perfect areas of concealment from Allied aircraft. Behind every hedgerow could be a German tank or anti-tank defensive position, completely concealed by the heavy vegetation and usually discovered too late. This diorama presents a slice of hedgerow country, showing a German Panther tank being rearmed by its crew, well concealed from detection by land and air. Two sets of VP tree and hedgerow material were used to full advantage on a base of roots. An old Nichimo Panther G was spruced up, and a selection of VP figures and accessories completed the scene.