Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller International 2001 10

During the next two days Greek pilots claimed the destruction of at least five Italian aircraft. The heaviest air combat took place during the 14th to 18th November 1940, when the Greek army began its counter attack. 22nd Mira was transferred from Salonika to Kalambaka airfield, where the 21st Mira was already stationed and both squadrons joined forces in support of the ground forces during their offensive at Kortiza. During the morning on the 14th November four CR.42s of the 393rd Squadriglia met nine PZLs of the 23rd Mira. The Greek pilots shot down two aircraft flown by Ernesto Trevisi and Augusto Manetti. Also damaged was Vittorio Pirchio's Fiat which subsequently crashed during an attempted belly landing. Four P.24s received combat damage, but none were shot down. Around Kortiza-Bilishte R24s of the 23rd Mira commanded by G. Laskaris shot down a SM.79 during a recce mission. The next day P.