Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller International 2006-08

What is the most important British aircraft type ever flown by the Royal Air Force? Spitfire? Hunter? Hamer? In my view it has to be the Canberra. As I write, the type is in its final few months of squadron service with the RAF, but will soldier on with some foreign users for a few more years. This will mean the Canberra has been in service for over 55 years, and it is only being retired now because of the difficulties faced in maintaining such a genatric airframe, not because a modem, more capable replacement is available. Thus a major disappointment for many modellers has been the lack of kits of the Canberra, despite its worldwide usage. In 1/72 there is the elderly Airfix kit (and an even older — now hugely priced collectable — from FROG), and a limited-run kit by High Planes. In 1/48 scale there were no kits at all until Aeroclub produced their superb multi-media offering, but the vacform parts scared off many modellers, this writer included.

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