Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scale Aviation Modeller International 2001 07

Starting as ever with the cockpit area use the decals supplied for the instrument panels and side consoles, which look quite good in this scale. The ejector seats are just about acceptable and could probably be replaced with some resin ones if necessary. In general the assembly of this kit is quite easy, as all of the main parts fit together reasonably well. Some filler is required around the engine intake area to blend the angular intake into the curved fuselage sides. The large spine-mounted air brake fits well enough to leave in the closed position but the option is given to have it open as well as the in-flight refuelling probe, but curiously no option is given to have the canopy open. A choice of missiles and fuel tanks is provided as under wing stores. Unlike the single-seater, the two-seat Eurofighters are painted in a single shade of grey. Choosing not to use Revell's mix of 40% white and 60% grey I picked medium sea grey which seemed just about the right shade looking at photographs of the real thing. I used Lifecolor UA 094 Medium Sea Grey followed by Humbrol Glosscote to provide a base for the decals on my Spanish machine.