Friday, January 11, 2013

Electric Flight 07/2012

Traditionally, coaxial helis have been limited to flying in very calm conditions, limiting them to indoor flying or outdoors only on the most peaceful days. The other issue is that after mastering its basic flight envelope, you could get bored quickly. Well, neither of these is an issue with the new Extreme Flyers X350 high-performance dual-rotor helicopter with its anti-wind tail control system. In the box you'll find everything needed to fly with the exception of 4 AA batteries for the standard-size 5-channel transmitter. All of the contents are well protected in an egg-carton-styled tray, and with the handle built into the box, the whole thing doubles as a carrying case to keep things safe during transport. The durable heli is completely assembled and test flown at the factory, so once the 11.1V LiPo battery is topped off with the included charger, you're ready to go. Well-detailed included manuals will walk even the absolute beginner through all the steps required to get the X350 safely airborne, and even some basic maneuvering exercises are covered. If you ever need to make adjustments, the screwdriver is even supplied.